It's #Noirvember  and I'm showcasing my black and white photography in the film noir/old Hollywood style.   Check out some of my most recent work below, and even more in my Black and White gallery here on my site!
I had a wonderful time shooting in the studio with Dupree @darthhater and McKenna @callmesnips.   The Star Wars franchise has had an undeniable impact on our culture and it's no wonder that the films and tv shows continue to inspire us on such a personal level. As a Star Wars fan, I hope to stay true to those amazing characters with my photos and hope that the viewer feels the same love for them that I do.​​​​​​​
I'm very excited to share a few photos from my Blade Runner inspired photo session with @alphaignition and @rei.kennex.cosplay in their amazing cosplay.  It was so much fun to explore the iconic Neo Noir look with them.  
Rey & Ben versus the Praetorian Guards - The Last Jedi photoshoot featuring Jonathan Kerr, William Glasgow, Daniel Stonebreaker, Natalie Lucia, and John Rodriquez.  In studio photo by me with a bit of Lightroom and Photoshop for effects.  
The Last Jedi - Vanity Fair "Inspired" Group Photo with members of The Rebel Legion and 501st

It was an honor to jump in to get a  quick photo with everyone! (photo by Mike Saffles)

Over the years, I’ve shot several Star Wars inspired shoots with members from costuming groups like the Rebel Legion and 501st (both on location and in the studio).  This shoot pays tribute to characters & costumes in The Last Jedi, inspired in the Vanity Fair style design.
The photoshoot was a three light set up and with a grey backdrop.  In order to achieve the panoramic fold out style, everyone was shot in small groups or individually and later stitched together for the final fold out group imag
Contract Photographer for Reed Pop - New York Comic Con & Star Wars Celebration​​​​​​​
Dawn of Justice - Product Photography by Mark Edwards for UD Replicas Warner Bros DC Comics
I'm so very proud to have been part of this awesome project with Gigi Edgley as the On Set Photographer (B.T.S.).  I love my job!  Her Video "Closer" is spectacular! 

Gigi Edgley "Closer" Photo by Mark Edwards

I'm a big fan of the Indiana Jones Franchise so here are a few shots I created in the studio (all in camera) showcasing the iconic props from Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Holy Grail from Last Crusade. The Grail is 3D printed by one of my prop making friends, and my photo has help increased his sales once he changed over to it.
Team Zero Gravity Fitness - Mark Edwards Photographer
I had the great opportunity to photograph some very inspiring and dedicated individuals training hard at Zero Gravity Fitness.  I also got to team up again with the amazing Red Dodge (MUA). With this series, I wanted to present the images in Black & White highlighting all of the muscle conditioning.  I hope my photos pay tribute to the relentless commitment, determination, and muscle conditioning each person worked so hard to achieve.
Photography by Mark Edwards / Graphic Artist & Design by Ryan Crain
Over the last couple years I have had the honor of working with Ryan Crain on some Fan Art projects.  We would brainstorm an idea, I would shoot and light the photos and he would add the effects, backgrounds and custom text.   We were thrilled that many pop culture sites picked up on our work together, some of our Fan Art even went Viral.  Rotten Tomatoes showcased our Rogue One piece for almost a year before the official movie poster was released.  Here are few examples of my work with Ryan.  I look forward to many more in the future!  
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